Milo Applequest


Help Milo recover all of the apples in the forest


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Milo Applequest is a two-dimensional platform game where you control Milo, an adventurous raccoon embarking on the most difficult mission of his life: to recover all of the apples of the forest, which have been stolen by an evil spirit.

You'll need to explore more than thirty levels to recover all of the apples hidden among them. In fact, many of those apples are truly hidden, and you'll need to solve some complicated puzzles if you want to find them.

The scenery changes a lot along those thirty levels, each with different types of enemies and other dangers that will do their best to take one of Milo's three hearts (lives).

Milo only has one move to defend himself from his enemies: running at full speed. Thanks to this skill, you can quickly dodge enemies and even break blocks. And, of course, you can always jump on top of an enemy to finish it off.

Milo Applequest is an entertaining two-dimensional platform game with fun, direct gameplay and charming graphics.
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